Which eyewear retailer is the best fit for me?

Aussie retailer Apollo Retail has come under fire for a series of controversial posts on social media, with customers calling for a boycott of the Australian retailer.

Apollo posted a series from 2017 on its Facebook page, with one from its co-founder Andrew Naylor in particular causing an uproar.

In the post, Naylor is heard saying: ‘You need to buy some glasses, we are a little bit of a boutique.’

It was an insult to those who had put their trust in us, and those who are currently in this market.’

Apollo is an Australian retailer, but we have a strong Australian culture.’

If you think you are going to get a good deal at us, then you are not going to.

‘Apollo’s a small business.’

So why would I buy them?’

Apollos own brand is so important to them, that is why I am going to boycott them.’

Apollo has been criticised for its aggressive social media presence, with many customers reporting problems with their purchase of the eyewears.

Some users on social network Twitter have called for the retailer to pull its products from sale, while others have criticised the retailer for its ‘pander’ campaign.

Apollo’s CEO, James Naylor, has also been criticised in the past for his perceived lack of empathy towards the LGBTI community, with users on the social media platform calling for him to be sacked.

Apolls management has also faced criticism for their handling of customer complaints.

In a post on their Facebook page this month, Apollo’s CEO admitted to issues with customer service and apologised for the ‘horrible customer service’ and ‘disgusting’ ‘inappropriate comments’ they received.

A spokesman for Apollo said in a statement: ‘We are aware of the allegations, and have apologised for any distress caused and are taking the matter seriously.’

We are committed to building a better and more open community, and we are committed in our support of our community and its values of diversity, inclusion and tolerance.’

Apollon is one of the largest retailers in Australia, with over 1,000 stores in NSW and Victoria.