What to know about the new retail jobs program for NSW

Retailers can now apply for an exemption from the Government’s new retail employment regime if they have an existing contract for an employee with the retail sector.

The scheme will be rolled out across the whole of NSW over the next few months.

It allows the retail business owner to exempt their staff from the mandatory 12-hour shift requirements in their retail contract.

They will also be able to set up shop from home without any extra requirements, and the exemptions will start rolling out to businesses across NSW.

New Retail Jobs: How to apply for exemptions to be able shop from your home source ABC Business News (US) title The new retail exemption is a big win for the retail industry article Retail businesses in NSW are being offered exemptions from mandatory 12 hour shifts, and that includes some of their workers.

What are the exemptions?

The Government has been making changes to its retail employment rules to make sure staff are in work when they are supposed to be, but it has been unclear how many people would be exempt from 12 hours.

The new exemption will allow businesses to set their own hours, and allow exemptions to apply to all workers.

If you are currently an employee of a retail business in NSW and are seeking an exemption, you’ll need to get a formal job offer from the business and provide evidence that your contract is valid and up to date.

Businesses will also need to show that the business is in good financial health, with no other current arrangements in place.

Business owners will also have to pay the required minimum wage.

It is understood that many businesses are reluctant to accept an exemption if they already have a contract in place, and some would not be happy to pay anything for a new contract that may not be up to scratch.

The exemptions will not apply to employees in full-time education, as that is already covered under the existing rules.

Under the new exemptions, businesses that are currently providing retail services to more than 20 people will not be exempt.

This will mean some of the largest chains such as Lidl and Asda, as well as many smaller and independent shops and cafes, will also not be exempted.

But if you are an employee who has been employed by the company for more than 18 months, and have been employed for more years than that, you will be exempt, as will employees who have worked for them for more then six months.

A number of smaller businesses will also receive exemptions under the new rules, but the exemptions could be particularly helpful to small and local businesses that have no employees.

There are also a number of businesses that do not have an employment contract in NSW, and are not exempt under the current rules.

These businesses will not need to apply, as they have not had any employees for 18 months.

However, if you do not already have an employee, you may still be eligible for an employment exemption under the rules, as long as they are not currently engaged in any retail or food retail activities.

For more information about the Retail Jobs for NSW scheme, click here.

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