‘Wreck-It Ralph’ actor says he’s not worried about his next big film

Posted November 20, 2018 07:14:46In this video posted by actor Ralph McQuarrie, he talks about his excitement for next year’s blockbuster film, “Wrecker’s Up,” and how he’s been looking forward to the franchise’s next installment.

The actor says that he has “a feeling” that “Wolverine” will be his next film, but he has to wait and see how the “Wrestlemania” franchise unfolds.

“I don’t have a feeling that it will be next year,” he said.

“But I’m really looking forward, because I’m so excited to be a part of it.

But, I’m not worrying about it.”

Watch the full video here:Ralph McQuarey is excited to have a new film to look forward to next year, but has been keeping an eye on “Wulf.”

He told MTV News that he and his wife, actress Tiana, are very excited for the next “Woolf” installment.

“We’re excited for Wulf, but we’re also very excited that we’ve got the next one,” he told MTV.

“And we’re really looking forwards to it.”

McQuareys wife, Tiana McQuay, has also been getting in on the action, posting an Instagram photo of herself and McQuarrey wearing woolsuits.

“As long as we can all wear wools, that is our next movie,” she captioned the photo, adding that the actress is “so stoked” for the “next Wulf.”

“I think we’ll have a little bit more fun,” she said.

McQuarreys wife Tiana also shared a photo of her and the actor posing together in a Woolsuit.

“It’s like, oh my god, we’re all in Wulf’s Woolsuits, it’s so awesome!” she caption.

“So excited to see what they’re going to do next.”

Mc Quarey told MTV that he is “excited” to be in the next film.

“The next Wulf is going to be really exciting, but it’s just the beginning,” he added.

“I’m excited for it.”