How to win an award in Ireland

The Irish Football Association has been awarded the first of a series of awards to be announced at the end of the week.

The award, which will be handed out on Monday, will be presented to the Irish Football Players Association for their outstanding contribution to the game.

The awards will be made up of the Professional Footballers Association of Ireland’s (PFAI) annual Best Player Awards, the Irish Sports Awards and the Irish Women’s Sports Awards.

The Best Player Award, named after the late Irish captain Brian McInnes, is given to players who “stand for the highest ideals of the game, as well as the highest standards of professionalism and character”.

“It is recognised as a reflection of the players’ contribution to a positive and lasting legacy in the game,” said the award’s director of media relations, Shane Jones.

“Players are given the opportunity to take part in a range of activities throughout the year which can also be seen as part of the celebrations, culminating in a ceremony at the start of the campaign.”

In 2017, the PFAI also nominated the players in its Best Player of the Year award for the second consecutive year.

“A list of nominees for the award in 2018 has been revealed and will be announced in due course.”

The awards recognise outstanding performances from the best players in the Irish professional game.

“There is a recognition of outstanding achievements, including the recent achievement of the Player of Year award, for the men’s game, the best performance in the women’s game and the best player in the men and women’s professional game, in addition to the best Player of a Season award,” said Jones.

The PFA’s Best Player award will be named after former Ireland international Brian Mcinnes.

McInnes was a regular in the Ireland squad that won the Rugby World Cup in 2009, the World Cup of 2008, the European Championships in 2008 and the Six Nations championship in 2013.

He was also a member of the Irish internationals squad that took the Six Counties to the final in 2011.

The Ireland team was represented in the 2019 Rugby World Cups by two former Ireland players, Johnny Sexton and Johnny Cronin.

Former captain Brian Curran also played for the Ireland team in 2014.

Irish players were awarded the Professional Irish Footballer of the Month award in December, the Best Performance Award in February and the PFI’s Irish Sports Award in March.

The Irish Sports awards, named for the country’s National Sports Awards, are named after an award given by former Rugby World Rugby CEO David O’Reilly in 2016.

The best female players in Ireland are currently: Amalie Grec, Cara Murphy, Sarah Byrne, Laura McEwen, Kieran Burke, Rhiannon O’Connell, Leah O’Kane, Siobhan Byrne, Niamh Farrell, Livia O’Sullivan, Gail Gannon, Lianne Kelly, Rosie Doyle, Marie Murphy, Claire Cusack, Pat Kearney, Rosalie O’Donnell, Siimh O’Mahony, Ciaran O’Donoghue, Clare O’Toole, Rosanna O’Neill, Eamonn Foley, Leah Fitzgerald, Tadhg Furlong, Rosaline O’Connor, Clare Keane, Roslyn McDonagh, Niall Quinn, Catherine Murphy, Eileen Brennan, Rosy Byrne, Rosina Byrne, Eilish Kelly, Ginevra O’Brien, Rosetta Walsh, Catherine Boyle, Sienna O’Neil, Rosannah Foley, Siunan Ó Broin, Siara Foley, Rhannah Foley and Eamon McNeill.