How Google and Amazon could be the next big internet company, the author says

By: Andrew Smith | October 15, 2017 08:54am ETAmazon and Google could be on the verge of a mega merger if they both succeed in the next few years, and they could even be the first mega internet companies.

The Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday that the two tech giants could be in talks to merge.

Amazon could offer a retail license for its Kindle brand to Google, while Google would pay for Google’s cloud-based services.

The move could make Amazon the biggest internet company in the world.

The Journal reported that Amazon’s deal to buy rival Google for $1.3 billion last month was one of the biggest tech deals in history, and it’s the biggest online grocery store chain in the U.S. Google, however, is much smaller than Amazon and has a much smaller footprint.

“Google’s growing and its growing rapidly,” Stephen Chen, an analyst at Bernstein Research, told the Journal.

“It’s a big market, and that’s a key reason why Amazon is so strong.”

Amazon has been trying to grow into the online grocery business since its acquisition of Whole Foods last year, and the deal would allow it to expand into grocery services as well.

The paper said that Amazon and Google are “working on a deal that would give Amazon a huge boost in the grocery market.”

The companies have been trying for a while to work out a deal, and last month, Google announced a $1 billion investment in the online grocer to help grow the business.

The two companies have also discussed a merger, but there’s no agreement in place yet.

Amazon and the Journal report that Amazon is also looking to acquire a grocery store brand.

This is similar to how Amazon and Whole Foods recently announced they would work together on the purchase of Whole Goats.

Amazon would buy the Whole Foods brand for $2 billion, and Google would buy Whole Foods for $3.7 billion.

Amazon’s offer includes Whole Foods’ AmazonFresh service, which would allow customers to buy groceries from Amazon’s own warehouses and then pick them up at a nearby store.

Google’s deal is more complex.

The deal would give Google a foothold in the e-commerce space and allow the company to offer a more comprehensive grocery service.

Google already offers grocery delivery services for Amazon, as well as Google Shopping, Google Play, Google Search and YouTube.

Google is already offering grocery delivery service, but it only operates a few stores, and its grocery delivery program is not available on Amazon Prime.

The company said that it is “currently looking into ways to extend its grocery service to the wider Amazon marketplace,” but the WSJ reported that Google could not give a timeframe for the launch of this service.

In addition to buying Whole Foods, Google is also reportedly looking to buy Whole Goat, a grocery delivery company, in a deal valued at $6.2 billion.

It would buy a portion of the business, and would also acquire Whole Foods as part of the deal.