How to get rid of your Apple retail icon

Retail icons are a favorite among iPhone users, especially because they’re easy to identify.

And with the iPhone X, Apple finally got rid of the outdated icon on the lock screen with an updated, more colorful one.

If you’ve been looking for an iPhone X icon to replace your old one, you can get it with the help of an online retailer.

Here’s how to get your favorite retail icon from Apple.1.

Buy the retail icon package from the Apple Store in your area.

This includes the icon, a free wallpaper, and a retail code to unlock it.2.

Search for an Apple Store item you like, and enter it into the shopping cart.3.

You’ll see the item you ordered, and an option to buy it.

Click “Buy Now.”4.

After the item is shipped, the item will be displayed on your home screen.

If there are no additional charges, you’ll see your newly purchased item in the top right corner.5.

Select the icon to open up the app.

Once it’s opened, you’re ready to add it to your Apple Home screen.6.

The new Apple Home icon lets you view and adjust your iPhone Home screen settings, as well as access your iPhone app library and the Apple Pay Store.

It’s also available in the app store, but you’ll have to enter it in the shopping carts to unlock the feature.7.

To unlock your Apple Store icon, you have to press the Home button on your iPhone 8 Plus, and the new icon will appear in your Home screen and in the Home screen’s “Apps” section.8.

Select your favorite icon to get started.

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