Google: Search for Prime Video with the “Prime” search bar

Google has released a new tool that allows users to search for Prime video on a variety of devices including Android smartphones and tablets.

The feature was revealed during the company’s keynote at the Consumer Electronics Show.

Users can search for videos on the Google Now launcher on Android smartphones, tablets and PCs, using a single-tap of the search bar.

The Google Now Launcher allows users of these devices to search through hundreds of millions of video titles and search for any title using the same single-press search.

The feature will work with Google Play, Google Music, YouTube and other Google services, and Google said the feature is the first of its kind in the search results on Google+.

The new Google Now Search bar is available in the Google Play Store for $9.99.

Users can tap the Search bar to view a list of video search results.

You can also use the search box to filter results by genre, ratings, language, language settings, rating, title, description, and more.

Google says the search feature is available for free, but will be available for $7.99 in the near future.