How to get your money back on Verizon for a ‘free’ iPhone 5S

Verizon says it is launching a “free” iPhone 5s handset that it says can help customers with their phone bills.

The carrier on Thursday said customers who buy a new iPhone 5 for $399.99 or more will get a free phone upgrade with a minimum one-year contract for the phone and unlimited talk and text.

“Verizon has always been a great partner to Apple, providing customers with the best smartphone options, and we’re thrilled to be offering customers a special free iPhone 5 S for just $399, as part of our great rewards program,” Verizon said in a statement.

“This is a great opportunity for consumers to enjoy the best smartphones and to get the full value of their iPhone with Verizon’s incredible service and coverage.”

Verizon will offer the handset for $50 off the original price of $649.99 with the same phone contract, Verizon said.

The free iPhone is available now for a limited time.