‘The most valuable thing in the world is a cat’: The latest craze to hit Australia

The latest cat craze has swept the Australian capital, bringing with it an influx of people who want to see cats, the most valuable item in the country.

In Melbourne, for example, cats are already being used as decoration in some of the city’s most famous houses.

One cat-themed street in the city has already become a petting zoo.

In Sydney, the latest craise is also hitting a popular petting ground in the CBD.

People who can afford it can get a cat for $100,000, which is more than double the average price of a cat in Australia.

There are currently about 200,000 cats in Australia, according to the Australian Humane Society, which tracks the numbers of exotic animals in the pet trade.

But the cat craise has reached a tipping point, according the society.

“There is definitely a significant increase in the demand for the cat, especially in the last couple of months, which suggests that people are spending more money on cats than they are on other things,” said the society’s president, Sarah Harrison.

“It is a pretty unusual phenomenon.

People are spending thousands and thousands of dollars on cats for the very first time in their lives.”

Harrison said there is a new trend to have people buying a cat at a pet shop for the first time.

“People are really looking to spend their money on the cat because they are now seeing a cat as a kind of investment that you can have for life,” she said.

The popularity of the cat is also a source of concern for animal welfare advocates.

They worry that people will start taking cats into their homes and breeding them for profit.

But Harrison said people should be wary of purchasing cats to make a profit, but that they shouldn’t take them into their own homes for breeding.

“I would strongly encourage people to be careful, because we are seeing some very extreme examples of people taking cats in to their own households,” she told CBC News.

“If you’re going to take your cat, be careful about what you put into it, because you could end up having a very healthy and happy cat that will be the most expensive pet in the entire world.”