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Retail associate meaning: a person who buys and sells goods and services, such as baby clothes, baby equipment, baby toys, baby clothing, and baby accessories.

retail associate retail associate: the person who sells and buys things for use by others.

retail assistant retail assistant: someone who sells merchandise to consumers for use in commerce.

retail manager retail manager: an employee who performs administrative duties for a business.

retail salesperson retail salesgirl: a salesperson who performs the work of purchasing, selling, or selling goods for use within a business; retail salespeople often sell to other retail associates.

retail secretary retail secretary: a retail associate who works in the retail department of a retail establishment.

retail worker retail worker: an independent person who works directly for or on behalf of a business, such that their salary is usually less than the salary of a typical retail assistant.

retail supervisor retail supervisor: a senior salesperson at a retail outlet who is paid for his or her work by the retailer or its subsidiaries.

retail union retail union: a membership organization for employees of a trade union.

retail workers retail workers: employees of retail establishments.

retail store retail store: a place where merchandise is sold, exchanged for goods or services, or where a product is ordered or received.

retail stores retail stores: a general term used to refer to any retailer, including a department store or a department of clothing store, that sells goods for retail use.

retail employees retail employees: employees.

retail associates retail associates: retail associates generally.

retail managers retail managers: retail managers.

retail management retail management: a manager who manages retail activities.

retail supply store retail supply place: a store or other place where customers can purchase products and services at reduced prices.

retail supplier retail supplier: a supplier of goods or products for retail sale.

retail supplies retail supplies: supplies of goods and other products for sale or distribution, such a store’s stock of goods.

retail training retail training: training for the purposes of a job as a retail sales assistant.

retailers retail stores, retail stores generally, retail service retail service: an industry in which people purchase and sell products for use at retail stores.

retail service provider retail service providers: a business entity that is a wholesale supplier of retail goods to retail customers.

retail suppliers retail suppliers: suppliers of retail products for distribution to retail stores; retail service is the delivery of these products by an individual or organization to retail establishments, and is usually the primary form of business for such entities.

retail shop retail shop: retail store.

retail person retail person: a human being who is employed in a retail business.

retailer retail store, retail store generally, retailer service retail, retail, or retail service generally: the retail service offered by a business that sells retail merchandise to retail consumers.

retail work retail work: retail work.

retail company retail company: an organization of persons engaged in a business engaged in the wholesale, retail supply, or wholesale services of a manufacturer.

retail franchise retail franchise: an entity that holds or operates a retail store for the purpose of providing retail services for its customers.

retailer store retail, store retail: retail.

retail merchandise retail merchandise: a commodity that is produced by a person and is sold to a consumer for use.

retailer service Retail service: retail services offered by an entity, such.

as a bank, that provide customer service services, and typically include sales, marketing, or other activities that are undertaken by retail employees and their dependents.

retail trade union retail trade unions: a union that represents employees in retail trade organizations.

retail warehouse retail warehouse: a warehouse or storage facility used for the retail distribution of merchandise.

retail office retail office: an office that is open to the public.

retail department retail department: an organizational unit of a store that sells products for personal use or for sale by other retail establishments and generally includes sales, sales associates, and other retail activities of employees and dependents in the business.

consumer retail consumer: a consumer, including an individual who purchases and sells merchandise.

consumer services consumer services: services offered for sale to consumers; consumer services generally include marketing, sales, advertising, and promotion.

consumer protection consumer protection: the enforcement of consumer protection laws.

consumer service consumer service: the services offered to consumers by an organization or individual, such, for example, by a bank.

consumer union consumer union: an employment organization that represents members of the retail trade organization in retail businesses.

consumer shopping retail shopping: the purchase and sale of merchandise or services by consumers.

consumer credit consumer credit: consumer credit.

consumer financing consumer financing: a type of loan that allows consumers to make payments without credit card or bank account fees.

consumer loan consumer loan: a loan that is secured by the principal or interest of a real property interest bearing the loan; this term is sometimes used to indicate the amount of the loan.

consumer insurance consumer insurance: insurance that is offered by or for a company that offers personal or family financial assistance.

consumer loans consumer loans: loans made by, or for the