PS5 reviews are back with the latest PS4s – and the new PS4S

The PlayStation 4 is now available in the UK for £399.99, a jump of almost 10 per cent from its £399 retail price.

However, if you already own the PS4 or PS4 Pro, you can still save £70, the price tag of a PS4 Plus.

That price is actually £200 less than what was previously available on PSN.

While we’ve not seen any major improvements on the PS5, there have been a few improvements.

For example, the PS6’s new SmartGlass, which allows the device to detect when the camera is off and switch on automatically, has been included in the new edition.

The Xbox One S also has a SmartGlass option.

It uses infrared sensors to detect whether the camera was off or not.

That’s a great feature and will definitely help the Xbox One be more accessible to new users.