‘Retailers should know how to categorise their product lines’

New Scientist, a science news website, is publishing an article by the authors of the bestselling book “The Big Picture” to help retailers categorise products and services.

The book will focus on how to use the ‘big picture’ approach to the business of retailing.

The authors will also help retailers in their decision making. 

The book focuses on how retailers can use the big picture to create the most effective business strategy and products, and also how retailers could use the data to improve their product offerings. 

Retailer data will help retailers develop new products and marketing campaigns. 

“The Big Pixel” is published by New Scientist on March 31. 

 “Retailing is a challenging industry.

There are a number of factors that impact its performance, and the data used in the book is an important one,” said co-author Simon Hutton, chief executive of The Retailer Association. 

Hutton said the retail industry is also at a crossroads as it looks to the future. 

There are many factors that influence retail, from product design to marketing, but in the digital age, the retailer needs to be able to identify, understand and manage the challenges they face. 

He said the book aims to help the industry better understand the different ways they can help themselves and their customers.

“The biggest challenge is how to keep up with the changing landscape, and how to make sure the right insights and the right products, both digital and physical, are in the right hands to support those challenges,” he said. 

To learn more about how the book will help you and your business, and to subscribe, visit NewSci.com/book.