‘I don’t know what I’m going to do’: What the retail stores will be like next year

ESPNCricInfo The future of the retail industry is still unclear.

But it looks like the retail sector is going to be in an extremely precarious situation.

As we previously reported, the Australian retail industry has been in turmoil for quite some time.

It has had its ups and downs and has struggled to attract new stores to its sector.

This has led to a massive spike in the number of store closures across Australia, and the number that are left are usually small.

This means that there are still very few stores left to be opened, and that many more are in the process of closing.

Despite the massive growth in retail sales, the economy in Australia is in a relatively good state right now.

There are many jobs being created and there are people working in the sector that are earning money.

These are the main drivers of the economy, but there is also a lot of uncertainty around the retail business.

One of the big issues that is still to be resolved in the retail landscape is the future of retail.

There have been a number of proposals made for how to revitalise the industry.

One of the more popular ones is the creation of a new retail network, which would provide retail space to a number different companies.

This could allow new companies to grow in the industry, which could allow for a number more stores to open up.

The reality of the situation is that the majority of retail is still very small.

The vast majority of stores in Australia are still in the very early stages of development.

As the market grows, so will the size of the stores that are currently being created.

In Australia, the retail retail industry accounts for just under 4.5 per cent of total retail sales.

This is a pretty big slice of the total retail market, and if the current trends continue, it will eventually grow to a significant chunk of that market.

This has led many analysts to suggest that there should be a big focus on opening up smaller retail outlets.

However, it is not only smaller outlets that are being eyed as possible locations for stores.

This also includes small chains such as the ones that make up the vast majority that are struggling to attract customers to their stores.

These smaller businesses are being put on a pedestal and the idea of opening up these smaller outlets as new retail stores is being floated around.

But there is a big caveat here.

Many of these smaller stores will not be able to compete with big box stores that have been closing down for quite a while.

As such, opening up stores for smaller businesses may not be the most viable option.

One way to address this is to start creating a new industry.

This would allow small retailers to grow while providing a steady supply of space.

However this would also mean that the retail outlets will have to start to pay a price for their growth.

This price could be either increased rents or increased costs of operation.

The solution to this problem is to have a “smart” retail network.

This network would allow stores to create new stores without having to compete against each other.

This will allow them to attract people to their new stores and to grow the business.

However it also means that the smaller stores that will have been left will also have to compete for customers and retain customers.

This may lead to higher costs for the stores, and possibly a drop in revenue for them as well.

The most obvious solution for these smaller retailers is to create a new network of stores.

However the answer to the problem of a small retail network may not necessarily be the best one.

One option that is being mooted is the concept of a “digital retail network”.

This network will be able provide a cheaper alternative to stores that rely on bricks and mortar stores for their retail outlets, and it would also give smaller businesses an opportunity to grow.

The idea behind this new network would be to open stores that would provide more space to customers and provide a more attractive shopping experience.

However there is an issue that has been raised in some quarters about this plan.

The reality is that there is still a lot to be done to revitalize the retail market in Australia.

While the new retail industry could potentially grow at a significant rate, there are many problems that need to be addressed before this can happen.

One thing is certain: there are very few retailers left in Australia that can realistically compete with the huge numbers of large-format stores that still dominate the Australian economy.

In the long term, it seems like the future for the Australian industry is looking pretty bleak.

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