Amazon’s new e-commerce platform will allow shoppers to order via an app, says CEO

Amazon is rolling out a new product delivery service that will let shoppers order products directly from the company’s storefront, in a move that could make it easier for Amazon to attract more shoppers to its new ecommerce platform.

The service is called Amazon Fresh, and it will allow customers to purchase products directly through Amazon’s website or mobile app, according to a blog post published by the company on Wednesday.

Customers who want to order from Amazon Fresh can enter the product number and quantity in the Amazon Fresh checkout system, and the retailer will then display a list of available products on their shopping cart.

The company will also provide a shipping address and contact information.

Customer service for Amazon Fresh has been in beta for about a year, according the blog post, and Amazon says it expects to ship about 1 million orders per day this year.

In addition to ordering directly through the Amazon store, AmazonFresh customers can also create a personalized shopping list, and customers can even add their own photos, the blogpost says.

AmazonFresh is part of a broader push by the e-tailer to create more of a curated shopping experience.

It’s also part of the effort by Amazon to make it easy for customers to choose where to shop, so that Amazon’s products are more accessible and cheaper than competitors like Walmart.

Amazon is also offering a personalized search feature in its shopping platform that helps customers narrow down their choices.

Amazon recently rolled out its new shopping experience in its new U.S. retail stores and in some international markets.

It introduced Prime Now, a new service that lets shoppers order goods for free from Amazon.

The company is also rolling out new products to its Prime Video store, and now allows Prime customers to add more than 2 million items to their shopping carts.

The service is expected to launch this year in more countries.