The next Wolverine’s footwear will be made in China

A new Wolverine footwear line from Fox will be produced in China, where it will be marketed as a fashion item rather than a footwear product, according to an industry source.

The shoe, which is expected to be launched in 2018, is expected not to be made by the Fox brand, but instead by a Chinese footwear manufacturer called Dongxin, the source told New Scientist.

Fox will use a Chinese supplier for all its footwear products.

It is also unclear whether Fox will use Dongxing to make Wolverine shoes or if it will simply buy them.

Fox did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Fox was the first major US entertainment brand to announce it was sourcing footwear from China.

In 2016, Fox made headlines by making the first Wolverine shoes in China. 

In 2017, Fox partnered with China-based footwear company Footjoy to make the footwear, which was described as a “cooler and more playful look” for the film.

The shoes have not yet been officially released to the public, but Footjoy has said that the footwear will “be available on our website and in stores soon”.