What you need to know about Ben Murray’s latest project

Ben Murray is the founder and managing director of retail resource resource Ben Murray.

He is best known for his time running the online retailer, Ben Murray, and as the CEO of online retail site, BenMurray.com.

He also owns the website BenMurray-A-Go-Go.

He joined the retail industry in 2012, following a stint at eBay.com and eBay.co.uk.

The best way to get in touchBen Murray was born in Melbourne, Victoria, and was raised by a mother and a father who worked as construction workers.

He was the son of a nurse and a schoolteacher, and he attended the same Melbourne high school as his father, before attending St Patrick’s College, where he was an avid student.

After graduating from university, he worked for the telecommunications company, Telstra, before returning to the telecommunications sector in 2013.

He was offered a job in the telecommunications industry by the US firm, Bright House Networks, and took the offer.

His new role at BenMurray saw him work on the design of Ben Murray products, and at one point he was involved in the marketing of a range of products for the retailer.

He is the creator and managing partner of retail resources Ben Murray and is also the managing director at the online retail website, BenMovies.com, which has over 25 million subscribers.

He also holds an Australian and a New Zealand passport, which he acquired in 2015.