How to buy a Tesla for less than $100,000

Buy a Tesla and then wait for the price to drop.

If you can find a better deal on the Model S, it might be worth the wait.

That’s what happened with a Model S with a $150,000 MSRP when Tesla launched its new “Powerwall” solar roof on Tuesday.

That was $100 less than the new Model X, which Tesla’s new “Supercharger” network will connect to in its new city.

Tesla says the Powerwall will deliver electricity at a rate of 10 megawatts, or more than the amount needed to power 1.5 million homes, according to Tesla.

The Supercharger network is set to be rolled out nationwide by the end of the year.

“The Powerwall is the first solar roof to reach this milestone,” Tesla CEO Elon Musk wrote on Twitter.

“It’s the first Powerwall to deliver 100 megawatts of energy at its peak.

This is a great achievement for the Model 3 family, for SolarCity and for our community.”

Tesla has been aggressively testing its Model S and Model X cars for months.

“There are more Powerwalls on the way,” Musk wrote in a blog post, “but we want to get this one out in the wild.”

The company also plans to test a new battery pack in the Powerpack, which would allow Tesla to add a more powerful version of its batteries.

That battery pack would be built by Panasonic, which Musk said was one of Tesla’s “major suppliers” for the PowerPack.

“Our customers want a new Tesla,” Musk said.

“We’ve got to make sure we deliver on that promise.”

Tesla is trying to keep its Superchargers open for customers until at least the end on Sept. 1, when the city of San Diego opens its “Charging Station” service.

“This will be the first time that San Diego has done an electric vehicle-to-vehicle (EV-to) transit service,” said Robert D. Smith, executive director of the San Diego Area Chamber of Commerce.

The chamber said it would be “disappointed” if San Diego’s charging station was unable to keep charging the Model X until Sept. 2.

The San Diego Chamber of Industry, which has supported the Model 4 since it was first unveiled in 2012, has been vocal in opposition to the charging station expansion.

The California State Transportation Agency is also considering an expansion of the Supercharging network in the city.