The Hallmark Gift Card program is here to stay, but will it survive as the industry shifts away from the card and toward online shopping?

Retailers, card issuers and credit card companies are grappling with a number of changes as the credit card industry shifts to online shopping.

But there’s one thing they’re not discussing: how they can keep up with the growing demand for credit cards.

The card industry is shifting away from traditional cash payments and toward digital payments, but the process is still a little bit of a learning curve for many retailers.

The cards that are the most popular among consumers are the ones that have the most online shopping, so the question remains whether they can maintain the same level of performance in the long term as they did last year.

A new study from and the Pew Research Center indicates that some retailers, including Walmart, are already using online shopping as a way to compete with traditional credit cards, but that the trend is shifting toward online payments as a more convenient way to buy items online.

“There’s a lot of new entrants in the space that are trying to compete against traditional cards,” said Jennifer Reiter, senior vice president of retail at

“Credit card issuer interest in online shopping is certainly an interesting market for them to be a part of.” surveyed about 5,000 U.S. consumers about their purchasing habits and found that more than half of respondents use online shopping to make purchases and that nearly a quarter of them do it as part of a regular shopping trip.

That’s compared to less than half the survey respondents who said they do it just to do online shopping at the checkout counter.

It also shows that the number of online shoppers is growing, especially among consumers aged 18 to 34.

That includes more than 2.5 million 18-to-34-year-olds who said that they’ve visited a website or made a purchase through an online shopping portal since the survey began in 2012.’s survey also found that the majority of retailers are offering online shopping plans for credit card purchases.

For example, Macy’s offers online shopping for purchases made with a credit card and has said that it plans to roll out the plan by the end of the year.

“Retailers have been talking about doing this online for a while,” Reiter said.

One of the reasons retailers are experimenting with online shopping may be that consumers are more likely to shop online and pay with online transactions, according to Reiter. “

People are more willing to use a credit-card instead of a cash-back card.”

One of the reasons retailers are experimenting with online shopping may be that consumers are more likely to shop online and pay with online transactions, according to Reiter.

She cited research that shows that people who shop online are more inclined to pay with a card than a cashier.

“When you have a physical store, it’s easy to see if people are using cash,” Reyer said.

But if you’re in the online shopping space, it can be more difficult to understand if you’ve done enough online shopping and that can create confusion.

The Pew Research study also found the majority (56 percent) of shoppers are willing to pay for their purchases with online payments.

That may be because they’re already using a credit or debit card as their payment method, said Roberta Smith, director of consumer insights for, a market research firm that specializes in online retailing.

Consumers can also pay for a purchase online by signing up for a credit monitoring service or checking the store’s website for details on how they’ll be charged.

But in the meantime, retailers are hoping to attract shoppers who are willing and able to make the trip online.

In addition to online shoppers, Reiter pointed to the fact that a large number of shoppers who make purchases online are also shopping for gift cards, which are often purchased through gift cards or prepaid cards that use a code on the back of the card to allow the cardholder to pay the purchase online.

The most popular gift cards are the Visa Signature Rewards Visa Gift Card and the Discover Card.

Smith said that while the majority are being used to pay online, there’s also a significant number of people who are also using gift cards to pay at the store.

“They’re still buying things on the physical store,” Smith said.

The same holds true for purchases on online shopping portals.

A recent survey of 1,600 U.K. shoppers showed that a majority of them were shopping online for gift card purchases, according the survey, conducted by YouGov.

“Online shopping is a great way to pay when you need to get something done,” said John Wettstein, senior director of online retail for credit.

“But it’s not as convenient or as convenient as buying with cash or credit card.”

For example: Wettsteins gift card purchase was made through his Target store online, which means that he had to use the retailer’s online payment system. It