How Apple could be on the cutting edge of the wearable industry

Apple has a big idea for a smartwatch.

The company has unveiled an Apple Watch, and it has a patent application that could put it on par with smartwatches from the likes of Google and Samsung.

But the company has yet to release a consumer version.

What’s more, the Apple Watch is still a relatively new concept, and the product may not be ready to be a major player in the market until the end of 2019.

Apple’s first big wearable device to make waves is the Watch.

It was announced last year as a smart watch with an Apple watchOS, which allows users to control Apple devices remotely and receive notifications on the go.

It’s been touted as a great way to take advantage of Apple’s software ecosystem, and a more powerful and convenient way to use Apple Watch as a watch.

Apple Watch’s main selling point is that it’s waterproof, but the company is working to improve the design of the watch to be more durable and waterproof.

That means it will be made of a thinner material than previous versions, and its back will be replaced by a rubber strap that will keep the watch on your wrist while you are out and about.

The watch is also rumored to have a built-in microphone, and is being billed as “a powerful smartwatch that can connect with your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, or use your Mac, Android or Windows computer as a remote control.”

Apple has been working on the AppleWatch for a long time.

The first Apple Watch was introduced in 2013, and was billed as the first “smartwatch.”

It was initially priced at $350, and included a 3-D glass display with a resolution of 24 inches and a touch screen.

That price point didn’t last long, however, and Apple dropped the price to $400.

The next Apple Watch launched in 2018, and has been billed as a “smart” device that includes everything you need for your day-to-day tasks, and can also track your health and fitness goals.

The Watch is also being billed for being an “artificial intelligence device” that has been able to do things like tell you what music you are listening to, how much time you have left on a calendar, and how much money you have saved over the past month.

But for the time being, the Watch remains a “wearable” device, and there’s little evidence that Apple is taking a more hands-on approach to developing the Applewatch.

Apple hasn’t released a public timeline for the Watch, but we have heard that the company will likely be making its debut at WWDC 2018, the annual event where the world’s biggest companies showcase their latest products.

It could be that the Apple watch will be ready by that time, but it’s unclear if Apple will be launching a public version of the device at this time.